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November 4, 2008 General Election Endorsements

Central City Democrats Endorsements
for November 4, 2008 Election

Elected Officials
President of the United States Senator Barack Obama
Vice President Senator Joseph Biden

Congress, District 8 Nancy Pelosi
California Senate, District 3 Mark Leno
California Assembly, District 13 Tom Ammiano

Supervisor, District 1 Eric Mar
Supervisor, District 3 No Recommendation
Supervisor, District 4 No Recommendation
Supervisor, District 7 No Recommendation
Supervisor, District 9 David Campos
Supervisor, District 11 John Avalos

Board of Education
Sandra Fewer
Jaynry Mak
Jill Wynns
Norman Yee

Community College Board of Trustees
Chris Jackson
Milton Marks
Steve Ngo

BART Board
District 7: Lynette Sweet
District 9: Tom Radulovich

Superior Court Judge, Seat 12
Gerardo Sandoval

California Propositions
1. High Speed Rail YES
2. Standards for Confining Farm Animals YES
3. Children's Hospital Bond Act YES
4. Waiting Periods and Parental Notification for Minor's Right to Choose NO
5. Non-Violent Drug Offenses YES
6. Police Funding NO
7. Renewable Energy Generation NO
8. Anti-Marriage Initiative NO
9. Criminal Justice System: Victim's Rights NO
10. Alternative Fuel Vehicle and Renewable Energy Bonds YES
11. Redistricting Amendment NO
12. Veterans' Bond YES

San Francisco Propositions
A. General Hospital Bond YES
B. Affordable Housing YES
C. No City Employees on Boards or Commissions YES
D. Pier 70 YES
E. Number of Signatures For Recall YES
F. Elections in Even Years NO
G. Credit For Unpaid Parental Leave (Retirement) No Recommendation
H. SF Clean Energy Act NO
I. Independent Rate Payer NO
J. Historic Preservation Commission YES
K. Prostitution/Sex Workers No Recommendation
L. Community Justice Center No Recommendation
M. Tenant Harassment YES
N. Real Property Transfer Tax YES
O. Emergency Response 911 YES
P. Transportation Authority NO
Q. Payroll Expense Tax YES
R. Oceanside Water Treatment Plant Name Change YES
S. Budget Set-Asides No Recommendation
T. Substance Abuse Treatment YES
U. Policy Statement Iraq YES
V. Policy Statement JROTC NO

Central City Democrats is a chartered Democratic Club affiliated with the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee serving those who live and work in District 6

Central City Democrats
P.O. Box 420846
San Francisco, CA 94142

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